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Front panel print does not fit page

I am updating an old software (was originally written is LabVIEW 5.1) that prints several front panels of VI’s to the default printer.  Each front panel print properties is set to print at the end of execution


Checked are

Automatically print front panel every time VI completes execution

Scale printed front Panel to fit page.


With the default printer being a pdf printer, the user has to enter a file name for each front panel being printed.  Each pdf file contains the front panel image of the corresponding vi.   The prints are acceptable.


I am trying to have all the front panels print into one pdf file (the user enters only one file name).  I am using the report generation VI’s.

Attached is an example vi showing what I am doing.

The final prints in each page are clipped and do not appear to be scaled to fit the page.


The question is how to make the front panel prints fit the page

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The LabVIEW Print command appears to have the ability to compress large Front Panel images to fit on a page, whereas the RGT Front Panel Image to Report function does not.  Have you thought of generating N separate Front Panel "Print" images (using software to create files "Page 1.pdf", "Page 2.pdf", etc.) and then calling a "Combine PDF files into a single PDF" utility?  I'm not sure that LabVIEW has such a thing, but perhaps the RGT can do this with an HTML Report, or there may be inexpensive (free?) PDF "conglomeration" utilities that can be invoked ...


Bob Schor

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