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Front Panel changes size when I change the windows font size

Running LV 2015 on a windows 10 computer.  I set up the VI to show all of the graphs controls, etc. on a screen set up at 1600 x 1080 so that it will work on various computers.  In this case the application takes up about 80% of a 1600 x 1080 screen in windows 7.  When I put it onto my Windows 10 laptop which has 1920 x 1080, it shows up fine when I have the windows font setting of 100%.  When I change the font to 125% or 150% the items on the LV front panel grow substantially and no longer fit on the screen.


Is there some default setting that I can do in LV (not on a vi by vi basis) to enable/disable this feature?


PS  I am also in the habit of not using the default system fonts and will specify fonts and sizes for my controls so that I do not have to worry about things changing relative sizes as I move them from computer to computer.



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Have you try to set that in the window : VI Propreties -> Window Size ?


Regards, Fred


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If you are building an application the best way to accomplish this is to modify your ini file with the font size you want. For example you can add lines like


FPFont="Segoe UI" 18
appFont="Segoe UI" 18
dialogFont="Segoe UI" 18
systemFont="Segoe UI" 18
BDFont="Segoe UI" 18



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Yes I did (and I just did again).  When checked the "maintain proportions for different monitor sizes" box, it continued to resize the elements in the VI to larger sizes making them so that they did not fit anymore (the same as if the box were not checked.


When I clicked the "scale all objects in the front panel as the window resizes" box things got bigger when I changed the windows font size from 100% to 125% but now all of the closely spaced controls are overlapping.  This happened even when I changed the font from system font to Arial font.  Oh and then when I went back to 100% font size the front panel stayed goofed up.  The same thing happened when I checked both boxes.



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I am not building an application (at this point in time).  These are applications that I am using on multiple machines that have LabView installed.


For example, I have a hand full of standard data acquisition and graphing VIs that I use all of the time on multiple machines.

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But those config settings for fonts in your LabVIEW.ini file. which in in your LabVIEW program directory.

If you were building an app, then put the settings in the MyApp.ini file that would reside in the same directory as MyApp.exe

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Changing the LabView.ini file did not fix it.  It is not just the fonts on the front panel display that are changing. The size of the graphs, etc. are also changing.


Don't get me wrong the concept of zooming in on your block diagram is kind of nice, which it does much better than the front panel.  But once you get the artwork correct on the front panel it is a pain to have it get all goofed up (rather than just larger or smaller) when you change displays/computers.

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Did you change the .ini before opening LabVIEW?  I believe those settings are read only upon starting LabVIEW.


The sizes of other things will change depending on if you have things set to scale with the window or the resolution.  (Don't remember the exact terminology.  But you mentioned them in your previous posts.)


I recommend not having things scale based on resolution.

And the tip on fixing the fonts sizes should work. 


Screwing around with the settings on my PC, changing that font size setting display where you pick 100% (what is normal), vs. 125% and 150%, it seems to making everything larger, whether it is LabVIEW, or any other program, or the icons on the desktop.


But other than being larger, I didn't see any changes on the proportions of the front panel elements such as overlapping elements.

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That is the point is that everything gets larger. 


Thus when I hand a VI to someone that fits just fine on a 1600 x 1200 resolution screen set to 100% and they are using a 1600 x 1200 resolution screen that they happen to set at 125% windows font size then it does not fit any more. 


What I am hoping is that there is a switch that I can flip either on the VI properties or globally in LabView that will keep objects in the VI the same proportions (pixel wise) independent of the setting of the windows font size. 


The font stuff does change the default font.  But things still change sizes when you change the windows font size.

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But I don't think there is any way you can do that.  That windows font size changes everything.  Not just LabVIEW, but Windows itself.


So if you have a 1600x1200 screen at 100% fonts, Great.  But when you make it 150%, EVERYTHING gets bigger and windows effectively turns that into the equivalent space as if you had a 1067 x 800 screen.


You need to fix that other computer to make it have 100% fonts within the windows setting.

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