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Front Panel Editing easily selecting entire arrays, clusters, etc. (not elements)

On the front panel, during edit, how to easily select the entire array or cluster more easily? (with a mouse)


For example, an error out cluster... the new NXG style has literally a 1 pixel clickable border which will select the entire thing.  


I have been resorting to using the block diagram and double clicking the control to select it or aggravating my labview-induced carpal tunnel by precisely clicking on the front panel.  Even click drag you have to highlight the entire thing, and if there's anything else you inadvertently highlighted, you have to precisely click the 1 pixel region to deselect it... surely there is a better way? tools palette maybe?  am i the only one?


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+ Move the mouse above the corner until you get an arrow. Then click, (or shift+click). With auto tool on of course.


+ Mouse down top left, drag to bottom right, making a selection. The entire thing will be selected.


+ Don't use the nxg style controls.


Doesn't give me too much problems. I use a Wacom, but I think it works the same with a mouse...


What did you have in mind to improve this?


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wiebe@CARYA wrote:

What did you have in mind to improve this?

I think we could easily make a right click plug-in that lets you select the parent when right clicking a child.


Would that make things easier?

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