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Forum members meeting at NI Week

I would have loved to be there with you. Alas our tiny planet is still too large for my budget ! Hope you will take some good pictures to share...

Chilly Charly    (aka CC)

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If you can't make it, watch the LAVA NIWeek Blog. That link is to last years, but this years should be in the same general place. Still a lot of pictures and notes up to see what went on.

Is it too early to start planning NIWeek happenings? Anybody for the Ginger Man Sunday evening?


Ed Dickens - Certified LabVIEW Architect - DISTek Integration, Inc. - NI Certified Alliance Partner
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I start as an Applications Engineer on the ELP in July so I'm hoping I get to attend this 😄
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@tbob wrote:
Wouldn't it be nice for the regulars here to meet in person? I propose that NI set up something at each yearly NI Week event where the members of this and all forums can gather to meet in person. It would be nice to put a face with the people who are regulars here, and to new members as well.

I agree with you tbob..

I'm sure everyone would love to meet our mystery tst..


Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it. (budget, time, all the good reasons)

Have fun guys..
Send postcard!!

(where is the sad icon??)

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