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Formatting HTML Reports

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I use LabVIEW to generate reports using HTML file. These reports contain plots, images, tables, and blocks of text. I would ideally like to format everything in LabVIEW so I dont have to do any post-processing of the document.I would like to make certain portions bold, underlined and vary the font size. I can align certain parts such as the headers at the top of the page and the footers but that is it. I would like to have more control over the alignment of words, titles, paragraphs and images in the report. However, I have not been able to figure this out. I have a feeling that I need to the "Append User Formatted HTML to Report VI" but I have not been able to using this correctly apparently.



Any ideas?



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I develop websites as a sideline.


The preferred way of aligning paragraphs, titles, etc is to use CSS Cascading Style Sheets.

You are probably are going to have learn some fundamental HTML as well.

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Thanks for the reply. I agree that I should probably learn some more HTML code but my main issue is editting my current HTML report using LabView. I think might have enough coding knkowledge to modify an existing HTML file but I would like to input my modifications in to my VI so that I dont need to do any post-processing of my report.

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There are two included example LabVIEW files on generating HTML reports. One is called Text Report. vi and the other is HTML


Unfortunately, neither really talks about alignment, but they may still be useful to you.



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You are correct. I have checked both of those examples but neither of them have helped me out much with my particular issue.

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Accepted by topic author robin533

Try setting the HTML Text input of Append User Formatted HTML to <p style="text-align:right">[text you want to write here.]</p> That should right align the text in your report.


There is no getting around having to learn some CSS. The previous link I gave would be very useful.





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I stand corrected. May be I do not have the coding knowledge I require. 😞  Thanks for the help. 🙂 I will check out that link a bit more.

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An HTML file is a text file. You can open up one in Notepad.


With HTML files, everything is left justified unless you change the styling otherwise. website is very good

they make it easy to understand things


good luck






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