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Force Mapping from Modified Load Cell

I am having some trouble finishing a program that we have been asked to write. Basically, the program is connected to a piece of hardware we fabricated. The hardware (attached below) is basically a wheel with four spokes. Each spoke has a strain gage attached to it on either side. These are connected as two full-bridge circuits. I have been able to get the force output for each of the full-bridges as the maximum value. We have now been asked to create a map of the forces to show where the most force is being placed (assuming uneven distribution). My vision is that it would use colors to show where the forces are, similar to a temperature map. What would I use to go about doing this?

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Look at the Intensity Graph. That will plot data as a range of colors. You will need to do some math to determine the value distributions from your set of strain gauge readings. You may also need to do some geometry/masking to set the force to zero where there is no material.



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