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Font size on Windows 7 with LabVIEW 2009




after installing labview 2009 on windows7, I have a problem with the font size of my old application written in 8.6.


the Application Font has seemed to default to another style under windows7 so I searched the forum for the default font under XP when I used lv 8.6. Tahoma 13pt seemed to the correct choice, however when i changed all default fonts to Tahoma 13pt it helped and they look very similar, but the Tahoma under windows7 is slightly longer that the original and it looks like there is some sort of font smoothing going on... perhaps windows is doing its "cleartype" thing by default and influencing its length (thou i thought this shouldnt be the case).


This small difference is causing havoc in my GUI as objects are being resized in a bad way.


Please see the screenshot for an example of my concerns


Another question on the side... is there a Font I can use that will keep the appearance and size over all OSs?


Any help would be appreciated...


Best Regards



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We have a similar problem.  I have a front panel that was originally coded in LV 2009 and XP.  On our new Windows 7 machine a string array and number array become misaligned.  When realigned on the new machine they become misaligned on the XP machine.  We need to run on both XP and Window 7 machines.   Here is an example of the misalignment.   





I changed the Windows 7 machine to Classic theme but that did not seem to help this issue. 


Very interested in replies to the original post. 

Mark | CLA
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Hi Mark,


Exactly... I also need a build that will look the same on both XP and 7 machines... there should be a solution to this, and im sure NI are aware of this!


Is there anyone from NI willing to comment??? A solution perhaps?



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I Have what seems to be the same problem with the MonthCalendar control. On Windows 7 it is resized in abhorent ways at every run, yet LabVIEW insists on resizing it to what works on XP. This means my control cuts off a big chunk of the right side of the calendar, or I have to resize it so large that it shows 2 months on XP but only 1 month with a large blank space on Windows 7. It's total nonsense.
Ryan R.
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Font size is a generic problem that has plagued UI designers for a long time.  Do a search for "large fonts" on this forum for a list of problems and solutions.  They condense to the following:

  1. Design your GUI with extra space so you can handle moderate font changes with no issues.
  2. Use the INI file to lock your fonts to a specific size and typeface (not very cross-platform, and XP and Vista are different platforms)
  3. Dynamically resize your front panel and reposition your controls based on the actual sizes of the controls and indicators due to font changes
Item 2 is the easiest, but is not perfect.  If you want a really clean GUI, you will need to use methods and properties of the controls to implement 3.  This is a lot of tedious work, and there is no good workaround.
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Thanks for the response.  I don't think our problem has to do with the font size though.  It has to do with position of the front panel objects being repositioned when running Windows7.


One of the reasons to purchase and use LabVIEW is to allow us to not have to do all that front panel work. 

Mark | CLA
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An application and front panel written on XP, then ported to windows 7 should look the same... there must/should be a font that is scaled exactly the same way on both...(unifont???) I think every user awaits that compatability, java seems to do an ok job over operating systems, so could labview i think!!! Ive also seen this problem when I port to labview on linux... most things change on the UI, especially the font illustration. It just seems so basic to me that this functionality hasnt been ironed out, but it isnt the case unfortunately.


Same thing with websites I suppose... and they still havent cracked it! why cant we just embed the stupid things! like in PSD files!?>


This crap as gone on too long...

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Any news on this old thread?  I have the same issue: label and other text on the FP is messed up/wrong size; comments and other text on the BD is messed up/too large.  If I fix it all manually, then when run on the other XP machine on which the program was originally made, it will be incorrect again! 


I thought this would be fixed in SP1--guess not.  This is slightly intolerable considering Windows7 is listed as supported on the labview webpage.

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Actually this problem affect LabVIEW itself even while editing!


Many of NI's screens suffer from the same problem. Configuring events is one of the most obvious cases. Since teh edit events screen does not allow for resizing, there are some events that you can only guess what they are.


I tried reporting this but the AE wanted me to spoon feed screen shots and ....


Smiley Mad


I think what really irks me over this problem is that I purchased a laptop with the biggest screen available just to let me do LV and in the end LV can't handle the laptop.


Double - Smiley Sad 



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What really irks ME is that NI so loudly extolled the virtues of Windows 7 at the NI symposium I attended last year. Have any of them actually USED LabVIEW on Windows 7? How do they miss stuff like this? The first time you open practically any VI that was created on an XP machine it should be as plain as the nose on your face!
Ryan R.
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