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Flow meter configuration.



I'd like to read value from gear flow meter  (attached specifications - model type V2). I have never done it before that why I'm asking what is the best approach to program the code for this type of meters.

As I understand right I have got 2 outputs in quadrature and the output voltage = voltage apply -1. So, I will have to provide power source between 10V-28V. If I will go for 10V I would get 9V output voltage. Is it possible to use NI9215 or NI9375 to acquire and properly calibrate the signal?




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Hi Gregorian,


This sounds like you are still figuring out the correct hardware configuration for your set-up.

In order to make a recommendation we would need to look much deeper into your application and specification (also think about channel count, accuracy, sampling frequency, do you need to expand in future etc.)


I believe our technical sales team would be the best address to help you and it is best if you give a call to your local NI office.



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Between the two modules you mentioned, the 9375 is the more appropriate choice since it's a mixed digital I/O module and not an analog input. I have never used an AI module for a flow meter application; I suppose it's possible, but it would seem mismatched, especially since analog sampling modules are typically a little more expensive. 


The 9375's digital logic ON state is specified in the datasheet as >=10V, so 9V would not be within spec, and you would probably want it slightly higher than the 10V since the input impedance ratings are +/-5% tolerance resistances. I would find a way to increase the voltage or find a more flexible module, then start building your tick count algorithm from there. 

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