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Flexray read signal waveform dt


I am currently reading an array of flexray signal with the Read Signal Waveform API.  My question is if the flexray cycle time is every 5 ms and the fibex file for the frame that is carrying the signals has values of 1 for cycle and 1 for cycle repitition the why do I see a value of .001 for a dt in the waveform.  I would think it would be .005

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According to the documentation for the XNET read signal waveform function (the detailed help linked from the context help), "The waveform dt always is the inverse of the XNET Session Resample Rate property."


From the Resample Rate documentation:

Data TypeDirectionRequired?Default
Read/Write No

1000.0 (Sample Every Millisecond)


You can change the resample rate using an XNET Session property node, which should change the dt in the waveform data.


Hope that helps!

Caleb Harris

National Instruments | Mechanical Engineer |
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