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FlexMotion - ADC feedback for an axis

Hi all,

i want to have an axis which has as primary feedback a LVDT.
This means that it does NOT have an encoder but an ADC as primary feedback.

In this case what do i do for loading target position, velocity etc?

In the case of an encoder i load a number in counts.

In the case of an ADC what number do i load?

In the manual it writes down that i can give a number in range -2*31 to 2*31-1.

What does it mean? That after configuring the ADC to the axis, i can load
a number in this
range and this number will be translated to mm for example? Or that this
number is not translated as counts anymore?

Or should i keep on giving counts for an ADC? (but this does not make sense....)

Can anyone explain to me how it works?

And what can i do to make a move? for example to move a machine 10mm up on
axis 1, having an ADC feeback



(...hope that somebody answers....)

IMMG S.A., Athens Greece
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