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Fixing issue with Renaming in LabVIEW NXG 5

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Ah!  I have an old version of the project to try it out on and I see what you mean.  It's not obvious from the Navigation Pane that that Namespace exists but changing it as you say does do the global update. 


So scratch any mention above of it being a problem/bug 🙂


On a different subject: do you know of a way of changing the behaviour of the Class Properties node to NOT show the full namespace hierarchy?  It tends to be wiiiiiiiide, adjusting any container (e.g. a case node) automatically.  I always have to shrink it back down to the width of the property(-ies) I use and makes that title bar of no use.

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I agree it's not very straight forward to find or understand 😅


Not sure... I see there's an option to view as Icon, but that might not be what you're looking for, because it disappears the names...




I recommend you provide this feedback using the icon in the top right of the software, next to the Search bar, so the R&D team can understand why seeing the names and not the full namespace can be very advantageous.


All the best!

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