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Fitting transcendental equation

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@altenbach wrote:

Assuming the function s well behaved, you can place all terms to the right and use Newton-Raphson to find the value of I where the term is zero.


Basically find "I" where:


{right side equation} - I = 0


Given all other constants. repeat for all possible V's. Graph I vs V.


Now create a fit model model that uses this to solve for I given a V and all other parameters)


Do you know how the function is approximately supposed to look like? What is the value for VT?


(Also watch your terminology. You problem is not the transcendental equation but the fact that you cannot solve for I. Fitting typical transcendental functions (e.g. y=e^x) is no problem.)


You're totally right, I was confused and using that terminology was misleading. My mistake. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for taking the time.

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