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First LabView program for application



I am very new with LabView and am trying to create my first program for my application. I have created a flowchart to make it easier for me to know what my program will need as well as made a list of the inputs and outputs for my application. However, I am unsure how to go from there. Are there any tips or advice on how to start building the program after completing a flowchart?


I do not have any hardware and I'm hoping to use a simulated device for my application but I can't seem to find many examples of code that just use simulated devices. 


I'd appreciate any help!

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What kind of application you want to develop?

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I am a senior mechanical engineering student and my application is for my senior design project. I don't have the ability to disclose all the information but the application is a particle plugging apparatus that will measure the differential pressure of the drilling fluid flow as it moves through the test cell to determine if it is plugging.  

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Maybe you can try to explore some basic LabView function from below link:


From there, maybe you have idea how to start develop your application by LV.

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Thank you, I appreciate your help! I will check it out.

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