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Finding newest file in given directory

I have a program that needs to automatically take data from a text
file made earlier. There are several text files in a certain
directory, and i need the program to take the newest file. The text
files are labeled as so:

ex: 12-21-2001-0813.txt

now, is there a way to read file names in a directory? or, does
labview have a function that can return a file name given "modified"

any suggested plan of attack is greatly appreciated.
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In LV6 (i'm not sure for earlier versions) in File I/O - > Advanced File Functions palette, you have "List Directory" and "File/Directory Info" ... so, exactly what you are looking for.

Hope this helps

p.s.: a suggestion would be the yyyy-mm-dd-time.txt format ... especially if you are using the explorer to access them too
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