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Find the Shared Library Named "CDIO.dll"

I installed Labview runtime 2015 on my system and wanted to start the LabVIEW NXG project. I keep getting the error : Labview resource not found CDIO.dll .. An error occurred loading VI ''. . Once i click on okay it keeps searching for further .vi files i guess are dependencies. I am pretty new to this and might use some help. Please refer to attached screenshot.



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What does all this have to do with NXG?

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My bad sorry let's keep it to labview plus I am pretty new to this. Typo

Are you familiar with those errors? Thanks in advance. 

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OK, since you are talking about "2015 run time", is this a built executable or are you opening it in the LabVIEW development system? Did you install all required drivers?

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This is a built executable I copied from

another running system. All drivers installed apart from USB connector drivers which I guess might have nothing to do with this error. 

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