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Find or Change web server root directory in rt target


Hello, I'm currently following the NI Tutorial to setup a Remote Panel on RT Target, I managed to set up just as the tutorial indicates but when I'm trying to access the VI I can´t find it.


Here is my configuration:

The IP address of cRio is :

Remote Panel Port: 8000

System Web Server Port: 80

The vi configured as startup is:

I created html file using Web Publishing Tool. The file is: maletines.html

I created a destination path called: "www" located in:  /c/ni-rt/system/www


The result is the following:


When I access: it displays config screen ok.

Web Config


When I access:  The labview web server tutorial is displayed


When I try to access my html file as:

It does not show anything.


Does anyone know anything I can do to fix this? Next there are some images of my configuration:


RT Properties Web Server

As you can see there is no Web Server Path to configure...


Web Publishing Tool HTML


RT Application Source Files

RT Application Destinations


Thank you in advance.

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Your snapshot of the webserver publishing tool shows the local directory to save webpage as a directory on the PC folder system. I believe this html file should be saved on the rt target just like the other VIs. 

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The Configuring Remote Front Panels on a Real-Time Target document that was linked says "Change the Destination path to c:\ni-rt\system\www on a PharLap or VxWorks Target or /var/local/natinst/labview/www on a Linux RT target"


If you are using Linux RT you should try placing the html file in the /var/local/natinst/labview/www directory instead. Maybe that will do the trick! Smiley Happy

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Hello MilanR, thank you for your answer, that´s right. the error was that my cRio is Linux based and I was using Windows path to locate the html file on the RT Target.


Best Regards.

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The published directory works fine when deployed, but if you try to copy it from the host to the target it causes a 500 error. (access denied type error)


How do I avoid this error?

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