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Find names of all open windows including other applications besides LabView VIs

Hi All, I have researched this subject, i.e., to find names of all open windows including other applications besides LabView VIs, but found no solution. Could someone suggest a solution to this?  Thanks.
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Certainly! The Windows API Function Utilities (32-bit) for LabVIEW includes set of LabVIEW libraries (llb) with VIs that make calls to the Windows Application Programming Interface (API) for managing and controlling windows (minimize, maximize, move, resize, rename, close, and so on) including task list with names of windows application running. The Readme.doc contains information on running these VIs.

Attached below is a zipped file with a VI that list the names of all opened windows.


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Hi there Tunde, thank you for the reply to this. I'm facing the same challenge and when I tried the contents of your zip, it returned all the windows, but still lumped all the labVIEW windows together under one Array Entry. Is there any way to get a list of windows like what "Ctrl+Shift+W" provides programmatically? was that the original intent of this question? 

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You do realize that you are responding to a post that is 15 years old.

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Yup. The quest "to find names of all open windows" transcends time. Looks like another Commenter may have solved this issue


here for me!


In case this helps anyone else in the NEXT 15years.

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Pretty sure it won't work for clones...

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