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Find Items with no Callers only ever shows 7 items?

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I'm asking/post here before going to the Idea Exchange. But is there any reason why the Find Items with No Callers option in the project only ever shows 7 items even though there are many more? The screen even has scroll bars that are disabled. Is this a bug/error or is there some good reason it only shows 7 items at a time?

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When I use this function, a list is returned with 10 visible items and a scroll bar.  What version of LabVIEW are you using? I am currently running LabVIEW 2010 SP1. 



Zach C.
Field Engineer
Greater Los Angeles

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I'm also currently using Labview 10 SP1. I wonder if there is an option or line in the INI file that determines this...

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That is insteresting that you're not able to use a scroll bar to see additional items.  If you want to attach your current .ini file I'll take a look at it and look into this issue further.

Zach C.
Field Engineer
Greater Los Angeles

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I attached my INI file. I have no idea if the INI file controls anything like this, it was simply a suggestion. I would have no idea why else this would happen but reconfirmed today that I am limited to a few items and the scroll bar is never available to be used (even though the list is never longer than the original screen anyway).

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Accepted by JonJay

Well it was a good suggestion to check the .ini file.  There is a token called "FindProjectItems.MaxResults=x" My .ini file had this value set to 2000 while yours was set to 7.  I tried changing mine to 7 and I saw the same behavior as you.  You should just need to increase this value in the .ini file, then restart LabVIEW.




Good luck!

Zach C.
Field Engineer
Greater Los Angeles

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Worked perfectly. I have no idea how it got set to 7 as I didnt even know such a token existed. Thanks for the help!

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