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Fill points in a 2D graph

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Hi there


I have a bunch of data points in a 2D plane that make a closed shape (a hexagon for instance ) if they are connected to each other. This data could be as simple as bunch of random numbers in a 6x2 matrix. I want to connect these point to each other and fill the shape that comes out of them. Any ideas?





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I would start with a picture control and try out the Draw Multiple  You might get lucky, or you may have to do a little work to order the points correctly.

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Thanks but I want it to be a graph, not a picture. Pictures look so unprofessional to me!! I can do this easily in Matlab but I'd prefer it to be done inside LabVIEW rather than calling a Matlab script.

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Accepted by topic author AliEskan

Well, phase 2 after you figured out the Draw Multiple Lines VI is to add the picture to a graph....





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Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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Is it possible to do the same thing for a 3D graph too? If yes, please let me know how.



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