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File name convention for *.dat files

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My colleague gave me several *.dat files that were created by LabView.  They have names like Data2_11119_40866.dat .   I believe the number strings (11119 and 40866) could contain information about the times covered in the file.   If so this information would be useful to me in processing the data.

Can you please point me to a reference that explains how *.dat file names are assigned in LabView?   As  you can tell, I am not a user!

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Filenames are created by the programmer. It would be best to ask them what the significance of the names are.

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As a programmer I can tell you definitively that 11119 refers to the year of the conjunction of Mercury with the constellation of Orion. 40866, on the other hand, refers to the number of planets we will have colonized at that time. Other numbers refer to various other things, such as the number of tons of methane we will have mined from the moons of Saturn. Or perhaps the number of reality shows that will exist this time next year.


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