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File format to save excel

I have to create a new excel file by specifying it's directory path.I used the 'Worksheet' invoke node 'save as' method to do this.The file format should be specified. Could anyone share the file format number to save as excel file (.xls) in this way.. 

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It is so much easier to answer a technical question if you do us the courtesy of posting your code (meaning the VI, not a picture of part of the Block Diagram) so we can see what you are doing, and hence what you might be doing wrong.  We can also see what version of LabVIEW you are using.


When I want to write to Excel (meaning the Microsoft Office program, not what LabVIEW calls a "Spreadsheet file", which is really a text file in .csv format), I tend to use the Report Generation Toolkit which does almost all of the "heavy lifting" for me.  If I want to write a file with the .xls format, I supply a filename with that extension.  I can also choose to use the newer .xlsx format just by specifying that as part of the filename.


I can point to you an example that shows how to do this.  Go to the Search bar in the LabVIEW Forums and type Revised " (that's the word "Revised" followed by a space and a double-quote), wait, and choose the obvious entry (probably the first one).


Bob Schor

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xlsx = 51
xlsm = 52
xlsb = 50
xls = 56


These are for windows - For MAC add 1 to each 




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If you have to create Excel files on a machine without Excel installed, you can use XLR8 toolkit, in VIPM. Low cost, efficient. Prefer XLSX file format.


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