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Feedback all array

Hello All,


I am having 1000 of freq in am array it should meet certain things and when it doesnt meet it should say failed so at the end all failed freq all gather and then again only those failed freq are retested so sending back those failed freq i wanted to used feedback node. So is this the correct way????




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Hello All,

I am attaching Code....

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If I understand what you are asking, you have an array of frequencies that you run through a test. "Something" indicates a pass/fail, and you want to extract those frequencies that indicated a fail and retest those. You don't need to use the Feedback Nodes the way you are doing. In fact, I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish with those feedback nodes. The shift register is what you can use to keep track of the failed frequencies (though you could replace it with a feedback node). But, you'd need to use a for-loop inside the while loop. The while loop would keep running as long as there are frequencies that failed. The for-loop iterates through the list of frequencies to test and collects the ones that failed. See attached sketchup for an idea.


Within the code itself it also does not make any sense to convert a True/False to an enum, only to check its value against one of the enum values, just to get the original Boolean back. ???


You could use a single loop for this, but for any semblance of structure you'd need to use a state machine (link1, link2).

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Thanks a lot.. but when i get failed frequencies then those are again check with threshold and when again they failed they are labled finally FAILED.

So i am stucked with that part that who to replece my initial freq array with all failed freq and then again to check with threshold... Hope i am clear with my problem.


Thanks a lot...


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