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I have a set of mass flow controllers that provide gas mixtures at a user defined ratio.  Currently the system operates on a waveform but this method static and not adaptable.  I have taken over this project and would like to evolve the system so that a set of 02 and CO2 analyzers can instruct the VI to send commands to the MFC's and set the appropriate gas mixture given user input/instruction.  Any know of examples or could help with my code?




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It's best if you post what you have done with a set of questions, and we can provide suggestions and help to move the project forward. LabVIEW developers over here are more likely to help if they have something to visualize and work with.
Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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Ok, here goes. 


The attached file had been developed by a previous researcher and is nothing like what I want to move towards.  I don't have much experience with LabVIEW but have read the book and some text based programming in my background.  Examples and text are a good place for me to start unless of course you could write the entire program in a few keystrokesSmiley Very Happy


Thanks a bunch

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