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Fast Update of 3D object color

I was trying to update the color of two 3D objects on the fly.  It would be easiest to do this on each iteration of the loop based on what is occurring in my system, but doing so greatly reduces the performance of the system.  Must take a while to recolor all those triangles.  Attached is an image of the approach that I was taking.


Does anyone know of a faster way to change a 3D objects color than this?





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Hey. Have you tried using a property node? This forum discusses it a bit more:


Brittany V

Applications Engineer

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I just looked at all the property nodes for a 3D object, such as the color mode.  There isn't a "color" attribute there, only modes to color the instrument.

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Looking more into 3D objects, it looks like you're using an stl file for your object. Based upon this community example, it looks like you're updating the color properly. The example has "Overall" wired into the "Color Mode" terminal of the SceneMesh invoke node, but that's the only difference I see.



Brittany V

Applications Engineer

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