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False voltage signal NI PXI-6052E

I am using the instrument  NI PXI-6052E to measure voltage.  There is a large voltage signal that comes out when there is no voltage passing through the wire.  The signal is about 3V, but it seems to vary a little (but not periodically).  I have tried to do a number of things in both Labview and with the physical set up, but there is still this huge error.  Can anyone help me?
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What exactly do you mean by 'no voltage passing through the wire'? If the input signal is open, then what you are seeing is not unexpected - search for the topic 'ghosting'.
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Hey, I forgot to reply with what happened.  So, the imput signal wasn't open, but I looked up ghosting anyway and it helped.  In the end, it turned out that we were using ports with different ground potentials.



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