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Facing a problem in writing textfile, badly need help.

I am already close to finishing this. Just that the problem i'm facing is that i can't seem to log the data into the textfile.

It says that the concatenate has an error or something. That's the problem because i can't seem to find it.

Do i have to use "Format string" to convert the numbers to string first? Because i've tried it before, it can't work too.

Please help. Thank you in advance.

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Where is the concatenate function you say is causing an error?


Yes, you need to convert the number to a string to be able to write to a text file.  (I don't understand the number to boolean, to 0:1 dance you are doing in there.  What was the point of that?)


If you have a problem with converting a number to a string like you said, then post a VI that show that attempt.

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why are you using 2 loops? you can write to file in the same loop....

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I want to write the datas into 2 separate files.

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@atiikah12 wrote:

I want to write the datas into 2 separate files.

that's fine, though you do not need 2 loops to do so....and it looks like you have data flow dependent loops

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@apok can i know what do u use fr the one beside "open/create/replace file?"
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You can use write to spreadsheet vi. It may be simpler. Just convert your output into 1D array.

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I actually want it to be a raw data. Thats y i need to put them in a textfile
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What do you mean by raw data.

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Can i know what function do u use for the HumidityTextfile.txt? and i want the data to be logged continuously.

I tried editing and it only log 1 data and that's it.

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