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FUTEK Load Sensors Giving No Output in LabVIEW

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Hi there,


I am trying to use a company's (FUTEK'S) example VI to get a reading from my load sensors. I have the FTDI drivers installed along with the .dll file that holds the commands for reference. I was able to run the example VI just fine at first, but then I opened my own VI and am now getting no output from the sensors. Additionally, the example VI is no longer working.


I am referencing the same .dll file as before, and I did not change anything regarding Windows or the drivers. I am not sure if this is an issue with the serial ports. When I look under device manager under events for the USB220, it says the device migrated, was configured, and was started, so everything seems fine to me there. There could also be something I am missing regarding exiting the VI's. 


I know this is a lot, and my apologies that this is not a specific LabVIEW question, but I am just curious if anyone has experience with this and/or run into the same issues! I have attached the example VI for reference. Everything needed to run the VI with a load cell is listed on The .dll file also needs to be in the same folder as the executable file for LabVIEW.



Thanks in advance.




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This issue has been resolved. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers did the trick.

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