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FTP SOCKs5 Proxy server connection issue

Hello Friends,

I am trying to connect FTP proxy server using LabVIEW FTP vis. We have installed Filezilla server and client in two different PC and set the generic proxy as a SOCK5.

Proxy Host:

Proxy Port:1111

Proxy User:abcxyz

Proxy Password:******


And set the server with the following setting i.e. host IP = x.x.x.x, User Name:Sks123, Password: *****, Port:92

From the fileZilla Client connection is getting established and able to transfer files from both the PC but using labview vi its unable to connect and getting below error message 


TCP: Verbindung herstellen in NI_FTP.lvlib:FTP Open>FTP


I have attached the code and error screenshot for your reference.


I don't know where I am doing wrong? If you find any thing which I am missing, please let me know. 

Thanks in advance!


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