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FTDI FT260 - Problem with LibFT260.dll



I have a development board of the FTDI: the UMFT260EV1A. It is an HID that support I2C and RS232 over USB.

The FTDI provides a DLL (LibFT260.dll) that act as bridge between Application and the Window's driver for HID driver class.


I use "Call Library Function Node" to interface with the DLL, but the function that should be create communication channel with device return the Status of "Device not Found".

I am using Windows XP 32 bit as O.S.

Obviously, the device is recognized from my O.S.

The parameters of the function are correct. The prototype of the function is followed:



FT260_STATUS FT260_OpenByVidPid(WORD vid, WORD pid, DWORD deviceIndex, FT260_HANDLE* pFt260Handle)


FT260_STATUS is an enum that i defined it as uint8 enum in labview


This is how I configured the CLFN:


uint8_t FT260_OpenByVidPid@16(uint16_t Vid, uint16_t Pid, uint32_t DeviceIndex, uint32_t* SessionID)

Convenction call is: stdcall (WINAPI)


Can someone help me to understand what is the problem?


Thank you very much

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I have resolved the problem.


This thread can be closed

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thank you for the update. Out of curiosity, would you be kind enough to briefly explain (here or in this almost identical thread) what the problem was, and how you solved it? Although it may seem irrelevant to you, sometimes sharing your own experience can be unexpectedly helpful to other forum users.

Best regards,


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