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FRC Game Tools 2020/2021 - Cmd line or per-user install?

Hello, we are needing to deploy this to student laptops for First Robotics purposes. There is a WPILib per-user install option that is working well, but this leaves them missing the FRC Game Tools and I'm not coming up with anything. I tried throwing several cmd line switches at it and while it recognized some, it stated that these were obsolete and needed to be removed from the cmd line. Do we have any options here, or is this a hand load only? Thanks.

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I attempted to move this to the FIRST Board, where @oscarfonseca, a very helpful NI Engineer, has posted the lead Message, "Get Forums Support -- Start Here!".  Unfortunately, there's a bug in the system and it didn't move.


You can find this Forum by going here. 


Bob Schor

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Thanks Bob!

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I installed LabVIEW on new computers anticipating that when the serial numbers for FRC would be released I could activate LabVIEW and add the FRC drive station and FRC templates. When I try to add the FRC It tells me I have a newer version package manager already installed. I have tried uninstalling using NI uninstall, Windows uninstall, CCleaner uninstall, deleting National Instruments folders including program files, Application data files and windows files. Thank You

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