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FRC 2020 Game Tools Bricked Virtual Machine

I've been running a Windows 10 VM of arm64 and recently have just tried to install the Game Tools. Upon reboot, the VM has bricked due to the error "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE". I have done nothing else on the VM (no updates or anything).

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I have the same issue upon installing NIDAQmx on Raspberry PI 4B. In a parallel thread I explained that we want to control NIDAQmx USB device (MyDAQ) by Raspberry PI running Windows 10 or 11:

It is now possible to routinely install Windows on Raspberry PI:

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@VadimULB wrote:

I have the same issue upon installing NIDAQmx on Raspberry PI 4B

What did you expect to get from installing NIDAQmx on a Raspberry Pi? NI has no hardware boards for the Raspberry Pi. And NIDAQmx is only useful to access NI DAQ boards!


Besides, the NIDAQmx downloads you can find for Linux are all for Intel x64 Linux distributions and only meant for specifically supported Linux distributions. They have no idea about Raspbian or any other such Linux OS variant and the binary modules installed by that installer are totally unsuitable for the ARM based CPU on a Raspberry Pi. At best you might get a kernel panic as the OS tries to load the installed x64 kernel drivers! But the install scripts apparently changed something in your boot configuration that simply makes the kernel image unloadable.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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