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FPGA with PCI-7811R not working when you hit Stop the next time you start.

I'm having an issue with LabVIEW 2010 with NI PCI-7811R.  I haven't modified the FPGA side of the software, just the normal LabVIEW software and we are getting issues where when they stop the program, they have to shut down the computer and unplug power, then plug power back in and reboot to get it to work.  Any ideas on what kind of things could cause this?



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Greetings, Kanonfodder;


Modifications have been done to the LabVIEW VI and not the the FPGA VI, correct? What kind of modifications where done and when did this problem begin?


How are you stopping the VI and what is the Stop button set to, well, stop? Furthermore, what is the mechanical action of the Stop button; if it is a Switch and not a Latch, are you exiting all loops and resetting the button to its due position?



Simon P.

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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