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FPGA how to power external sensor

Hi all, im totally new here. I just bought the Labview rio evaluation kit with sbrio9636 and wish to connect this sensor to board 

  • KY-038 microphone sound sensor

it can be powered by 3,3vdc, as i see this board has couple of them. My question is, can i use these DO numbered from 0 to 3 to powerup this sensor?  i tried to enable do0 using i/o node but all i got is 63mV;p probably i did everything wrong;/

I will be grateful for any help

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Have you read the datasheet for the 9636?


DO pins are not for power delivery, you will probably not be able to source enough power. The datasheet mentions that they are tested for up to 3 mA.

I saw there is a 3.3V _AUX pin, could you try using that instead?


Disclaimer: I have never used a sbRIO unit, verify all information yourself.

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i cant see aux on my board, even in datasheet.

i'll try to power sensor via usb input;) 

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You are right. I was looking at this document and it was the RIO mezzanine card that had that pin.

I would use pin 49 or 50 (5 V) and a 5 V -> 3.3 V voltage regulator.



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