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FPGA based FFT analysis - array?



How can I analyze the spectrum given by the FPGA-based FFT, within the FPGA?

The "analysis" here can be for example to calculate the integral of the spectrum in a given window of frequencies (a sort of lock-in).

I can do it in the host, using a FIFO for the transfer and analyzing the array (of 8132 points) which comes out of the FIFO in the host. But is the same possible in the FPGA? Can I put the output of the FFT into an array and analyze it without leaving the FPGA? Or should I follow a different strategy?


The project requires to calculate the spectrum of an input signal, to analyze it, to feed a PID with the result of this analysys, and to send an output signal from the PID. Therefore speed is important and all should live in the FPGA.


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Hi fpdx,


Can you send us your project/VI or screenshots ?

Have you tried to use a target-scoped FIFO in your FPGA ?


Best regards,

Ingénieur d'applications
National Instruments - France
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