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[FPGA] - NI 9503 - Motor Stepping without NI Motion

I know there is a way to step motors without the premium package with NI Motion / NI Softmotion in order to step a motor linearly using the NI 9503 / NI 9501. We have tried energizing the motor sequentially for our Bipolar Motor with a delay time between each coil trig, however it only jitters. Is there an example VI out there as I cannot seem to get access to my examples for the compact RIO.

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Getting a motor moving with the NI 9503 without also having SoftMotion premium is going to be very difficult. However, you should be able to get the NI 9501 working without too much difficulty. Even if you don't have SoftMotion premium, you can still open the examples. I would open the Offline Traj - Pos Cntrl (open loop) - NI 9501.lvproj example and look at the block diagram. You can delete the Position and Spliner loops. Keep the Drive Status Loop as is. In the Step Generation loop, delete the one VI. Then create a boolean control and wire it to the 'Mod1/Direction' IO Node. Create another boolean control and write it to the 'Mod1/Step' IO node. After compiling, you should be able to configure the drive (using the controls in the Drive Status Loop) and then toggle the step boolean to move the motor. Once you have that working, you can do more complicated things.



Paul B.
cRIO Software
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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your response. Is there a possbility you can send me the examples and or the location of the files as I cannot seem to find the example that you mentioned.

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If you don't have SoftMotion installed the example won't be there (but it does get installed if you install SoftMotion lite, which is the free version of SoftMotion). In any case, I've attached the FPGA VI. 

Paul B.
cRIO Software
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I tried attaching a boolean control to the VI however the FPGA VI type does not match and won't let me wire this control. Did you do this a specific way?

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You have to create a project with an FPGA target and then add an NI 9501 beneath the FPGA target. I have attached the entire project.

Paul B.
cRIO Software
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