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FP table updates then empties?

The main problem is that the terminal for the "dash" is outside the event structure, meanung that it will ge read immediately when the iteration starts. When the event occurs, the stale value is read from the tunnel (It won't magically go back and re-read the terminal again in the same iteration!).


To fix this, the terminal needs to be inside the event structure.


Here's a quick attempt at some cleanup of many of your code monstrosities ;). maybe it can give you some ideas. Modify as needed. 😄


For example:

  • use row and column headers instead of data cells
  • There is a tool to get the user desktop folder
  • Use arrays for the key. Much simpler code!
  • NONE of your value property nodes are needed.
  • "keys" shold be an indicator, not a control.
  • You are using the wrong mechanical action for most buttons.
  • Don't use the "abort" primitive. It is not needed.
  • You don't need a special case to fill a single field if the general case handles it just fine.
  • As I said, an active cell of -2,-2 will apply the properties to everything at once. No loops needed.
  • most of your for loop do nothing useful.
  • ...
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Great Advice , I'll keep working on it and post an update next time im able 😄


Thank you!!!!

"I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work." - Thomas A. Edison
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