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FLIR AX5 thermal camera not working with new firmware


Hi guys
We had software for a FLIR AX5 thermal camera that worked perfectly.
The camera started giving problems in the field and we had to replace it with a newer version with the latest firmware.
No I can't seem to communicate with the new camera.
MAX tells me that it's unable to get attribute.
Error 0xBFF69011
Anybody else had this problem and how did you solve it?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi 1unidude,

Is this camera on the same system that was previously working? 

When a GigE camera is first loaded in NI MAX, we try to pull the configuration information from the camera to store locally as the initial configuration file. If there's an attribute that cannot be read or is not valid, the error you are seeing can result. For example, this KnowledgeBase summarizes an instance of the problem in the past:


1. What version of the IMAQdx driver are you using on that system? 

2. Let's try clearing out all of the related camera files on that system. You can find these at the following location, and you want to delete the *.icd and XML files (in the XML folder) associated with the camera model you are using. Make sure to disconnect the camera before doing so. After deleting the files, reconnect to the camera in NI MAX which should regenerate the files. 

<Users>\Public\Documents\National Instruments\NI-IMAQdx

3. If you haven't already, I would simply recommend checking everything in the following document. I don't know that it applies given that this worked in the past and only the camera changed, but it's worth checking.



Charlie J.
National Instruments
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Hi Charlie

Thanks for the valuable help.
The camera is still on the original system but I've also moved it onto a new system with a fresh installation.
Still no luck.
I can open the camera in LabVIEW using and I can enumerate the attributes but if I try to get a image from the camera it gives me all sort of errors.

Operating System(OS)                                  Windows 8 Home Edition
OS Version                                            6.02.9200
OS Info                                               
Processor                                             Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100U CPU @ 2.30GHz / Intel64 Family 6 Model 78 Stepping 3 / GenuineIntel / 2304 MHz
Number of Processors                                  4
Physical Memory                                       3,90 GB of RAM
Drive C:\                                             800 GB of 930 GB free
National Instruments Software:                        Version:
CompactRIO                                            14.0.0
     C Series Module Support                          14.0.0
CVI                                                   13.0.2
     Real-Time                                        13.0.1
CVI AddOns                                            LabWindows/CVI Shared AddOns
     PID Toolkit                                      2.1.0
     Profiler Toolkit                                 1.0.0
     Real-Time Trace Viewer - CVI Support             14.0.0
     Signal Processing Toolkit                        7.0.2
     SQL Toolkit                                      2.2.0
CVI Run-Time                                
NI-DAQmx Device Driver                                14.0.0f0
NI-DAQmx ADE Support                                  14.0.0
NI-DAQmx MAX Configuration                            14.0.0
DIAdem 2014                                 
NI-488.2 Runtime                                      14.0.0
NI-488.2                                              14.0.0
NI-IMAQ                                               14.0.0
     Development Support 14.0.0                       14.0.0
     Runtime 14.0.0                                   14.0.0
NI-IMAQ I/O                                           14.0.0
     Development Support 14.0.0                       14.0.0
     Runtime 14.0.0                                   14.0.0
Vision Common Resources                               14.0.0
     Image Processing and Machine Vision    
     Image Services                         
NI I/O Trace                                          14.0.0f0
IVI Compliance Package                                14.0
LabVIEW                                               14.0.0
     Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit               14.0.0
     Analog Modulation                                4.4
     Control Design and Simulation Module             14.0.0
     Database Connectivity Toolkit                    14.0.0
     DataFinder Toolkit                               14.0.05640
     Datalogging and Supervisory Control              14.0.0
     Digital Filter Design Toolkit                    14.0.0
     Digital Modulation                               4.4
     FPGA                                             14.0.0
     MathScript RT Module                             14.0.0
     NI SoftMotion                                    14.0.0
     Real-Time                                        14.0.0
     Real-Time Trace Viewer - LabVIEW 2014 Support    14.0.0
     Report Generation Toolkit For Microsoft Office   14.0.0
     Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite            14.0.0
     Sound and Vibration Toolkit                      14.0.0
     Spectral Measurements                            2.7
     Statechart Module                                14.0
     Unit Test Framework Toolkit                      14.0.0
     VI Analyzer Toolkit                              14.0.0
     Vision Development Module                        14.0.0
LabVIEW Run-Time 2010 SP1                             10.0.1
LabVIEW Run-Time 2013 SP1 f3 (64-bit)                 13.0.1
Measurement & Automation Explorer                     14.0.0f0
Measurement Studio                                    Visual Studio 2005 Support - See individual versions below.
Measurement Studio                                    Visual Studio 2008 Support - See individual versions below.
          Common (64-bit)                   
Measurement Studio                                    Visual Studio 2010 Support - See individual versions below.
          Common (64-bit)                   
NI-IMAQdx                                             14.0.0
     Development Support 14.0.0                       14.0.0
     Runtime 14.0.0                                   14.0.0
NI PXI Platform Services Configuration                14.0.0f0
NI PXI Platform Services Runtime                      14.0.0f0
NI-RIO                                                14.0.0
NI R Series Multifunction RIO                         14.0.0
NI FlexRIO                                            14.0.0f1
NI-PAL Software                                       14.0.0
NI-Serial Runtime                                     14.0.0f0
NI-Serial Configuration                               14.0.0f0
NI SignalExpress                                      14.0
Switch Executive                            
NI System Configuration                               14.0.0f0
NI TestStand 2014                                     2014
     NI TestStand Run-Time 2014             
     NI TestStand Sequence Editor 2014      
NI TestStand 2014 (64-bit)                            2014
     NI TestStand Run-Time 2014 (64-bit)    
     NI TestStand Sequence Editor 2014 (64-bit)
NI-VISA                                               14.0
NI-VISA Runtime                                       14.0
Vision Builder AI                                     13.1.0
Vision Development Module                             14.0.0
     Runtime Support 2014                             14.0.0
     Development Support 2014                         14.0.0
          Vision Assistant (32-bit)                   14.0.0
LabVIEW Run-Time 2011 SP1 f5                          11.0.1
LabVIEW Run-Time 2012 SP1 f9                          12.0.1
LabVIEW Run-Time 2013 SP1 f3                          13.0.1
LabVIEW Run-Time 2014                                 14.0.0

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Hi 1unidude,

Are the errors on both computers the same? Or are you seeing completely different behavior?

For sharing software versions in the future, I would recommend just uploading an NI MAX report. It's much easier to read and keeps the discussion clear on the forums.


Did you try any of the steps I outlined in my previous post? I highly recommend going through the guide called out in my third suggestion if you tried a new computer. It might not have everything configured properly for GigE acquisition. 


Charlie J.
National Instruments
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