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FIR filter with zero phase (no phase shift)

Zero phase filter doesn't say FIR filter to me (I'm no filter expert). And since that was the question...


And apparently it's not even sure it is the solution, as OP knew about the vi and still had to resort to matlab...


To me a fir filter is a bunch of shift register and coefficients. But the only time I had to make one  was on a fpga. So to find the way to calculate the coefficients to be a zero phase fir filter, Google will work. It's not lv related, in that it will be easier to find outside a lv context. It was a serious attempt to help out.

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If you have the FIR coefficients (e.g. from the, wire it to the forward coefficients input of the Zero phase filter VI and  do not wire anything to the reverse coefficients input. 

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