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FFT of Numerical Data

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Hello everyone.


I'm having some issues for my project.


I'd like to apply the Fast Fourier Transform on the data acquired by an accelerometer. I'm doing vibration measurements, the data input is a string that it's then splitted into the values of the 3 axis and converted into numbers.


What I'd like to do is the FFT of those datas, but I don't know how to "convert" them into waveform to apply the Transform.


Any help is appreciated.


My VI, commented, is attached.

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Accepted by AndreasSchnaas

Dear AndreasSchnaas,


you may try the "Spreadsheet String to Array" function.


To allow for any detailed answer, save some default data in your controls and indicators and post your VI once again. Data cannot be gathered using your VI unless the proper hardware is available for the user.



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The basic FFT VI works with arrays. You have to do the frequency scaling manually.


Or you can use the Build Waveform primitive from the Waveform palette. Connect the array to the Y input and 1/(sample rate) to the dt input.



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Spreadsheet to array was just what I needed. Thank you very much!

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You are very welcome!
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