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FFT Power Spectrum and PSD - Max hold

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I have a problem with FFT Power Spectrum and PDS VI - I would like to see the max hold values displayed on the spectrum, but the only options in the cluster "averaging parameters" are "peak hold". Is it the same? Previously I used "Spectral Monitoring (Interactive) VI", but the peak hold values on the spectrum were not correct - I noticed that this VI uses "FFT Power Spectrum" and not "FFT Power Spectrum and PDS". Is there any difference? Can I safely replace "FFT Power Spectrum VI" with "FFT Power Spectrum and PDS VI"? Or do I have to add something to the cluster "averaging parameters"?

Thank you in advance!

FFT Power Spectrum and PSD.PNGPS PSD.PNG

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Check this link  ¨"Difference between Calculating Power Spectrum and Power Spectrum Density of a Signal"


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