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Extrapolation of waveform

I have a signal waveform, that needs to be split into subsets and then analysed to futher use. In the end the waveform needs to be plotted against absolute time values. 
When plotted on a time axis the signal will naturally then contain holes. 


How do I avoid these holes? I've looked at some interpolation and extrapolation, but I'm not sure how to implement it when using waveform. 


Can anyone help me out with some examples? 

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Hi kj,


why don't you share the code you have written so far as it would illustrate your question better?


From what I understand here I wouldn't say it is a given that the plot will contain holes. I would say it's a question of updating the timestamp along with the Values array.



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I have not created any VI yet, but I just made this VI to illustrate what I mean. 


I hope this make any sense. 

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A couple of remarks:

  • Don't use while loops without timing
  • Resampled 1.part and 1. part are identical, right?
  • The behaviour of the VI changes dramatically when you remove the while loop. Is that the behaviour you would want?

BTW: Why do you assume you have a problem before even writing the first VI?

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