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Extracting Data and storing data from accelerometer



I am trying to store the data points of the x-axis of the myRio accelerometer and I need to store them either in an csv file or an excel file, however and using my curent VI(the pic is attached) the excel file is always corrupted and the csv file shows only the first and the last iteration and does not store the data points of the x-axis.

therefore, is there any way this can be achieved successfully?question1s.JPGquestion1.JPG

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for the "Write to delimited Spreadsheet" you shouldn't use the [Transpose] input i a cycle, but instead there should be a TRUE connected to the [Append to File] input.

Hope, it helps

Greets, Dave
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In this case, I wouldn't recommend using the Write Delimited Spreadsheet File at all.  Use Open/Create/Replace File before the loop and use Close File after the loop.  Inside the loop, you can format your data into a comma or tab delimited string (I recommend using Format Into String) and write that string to the file using Write Text File.

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Thank you so much for your answer.

also, it would be very beneficial for me if you can elaborate more because it would be very helpful in my case.

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