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Extract revision number from dynamically loaded .vi file using build LV .exe?

Sorry, here the LV9 Version!!! Smiley Wink

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Thanks for thinking together with me!


Haven't got LV at this PC, will try it later today.


Is this a solution that needs the .vi to run to store its revision number somewhere, or will it update the revision number even if I only edit & save it, without running the .vi?

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with the solution I have posted you have to udate the revision number of the file (because in the real you write this number in the comment field of the summary information of the file) every time you save the VI, I suggest making an automatic procedure that will update every revision number in each file you have modified. You can collect the modified file in a directory and then pass to a setRevisionumber function every path of the files! I hope this description is clear.

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