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Extract files from emails

Hello everyone,


I would like to extract files from received emails. Can you help me please? 


Thank you in advance 

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Do you have access to the received email within LabVIEW? Have you already implemented this code?


Show us what you've managed so far, or describe in more detail what you've tried/are trying. That will help us to provide more useful help.

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Thank you for your reply. In fact, I'm new to LabView so I don't really know it profoundly.
The issue is that I receive each time a huge number of files in my email and I need each time to download it in order to analyze it with LabView. 
What I have today is a LabVIEW code that allows me to put my files as input and do some analysis. What I want to be able to do is to allow LabVIEW to extract automatically files from my email so I don't have to do it manually each time

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Although what you're describing is possible, it sounds like it might be overkill for the example you're considering.


Perhaps instead you could try

  • Download a zip file of all the files in your email (often email providers offer this option)
  • Use LabVIEW (or do it yourself?) to unzip the files into some directory
  • Use a For loop and a list of files, generated by LabVIEW, to process the files one by one and store the results in whatever way you currently do this?

Directly accessing your emails introduces a whole raft of concerns with security (passwords etc), filtering (what if one of the emails you receive has nothing attached, or isn't related to the processing step you're describing?), network connectivity (not likely a problem, but could be...), and so on.

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