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Extract data points from DAQ signals with specific time interval

I am try to acquire multiples analog signal and save them into an Excel file. DAQmx task has 2 input paramaters Number of Sample (N) and Sample Rate (Sample/s or Hz) to control the DAQ device.  The problem is Labview writes all this N sample to an Excel file while I only would like to set a time between 2 samples should be saved to Excel file.  Manipulating N and Fs does not solve my problem, I cannot use continous sampling as my DAQ does not support this function.



- My current VI:  if N = 100, Fs = 10000, there will be 100 samples saved with time interval between 2 sample is 1ms (N/Fs). DAQ retakes the data with the same parameter until I press STOP


- My desired VI: If T = 10s, N = 100, Fs = 10000, then each 10s, Labview only save 1 data point into Excel (1 mins will have 6 data points saved, 2 mins will have 12 data points saved), only until I press STOP . In other words, although N = 100 and Fs = 10000 are the same, they are ingored.



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I think this is what you're trying to do.


single sample.png


Let your program tell the hardware when to record a single sample.


The elapsed time function will output a true value every ten seconds and reset back to false on the next iteration of the loop until another ten seconds has passed.


time interval sample.png

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just wondering if you could tell me the name of the VI thats connected with the case selector ?

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It's called elapsed You can find it under timing within the programming functions. It typically looks like this when you first place it on the block diagram.



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