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Extract all frequencies from Multiple Tone Information VI

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I'm using "Multiple Tone" to extract the fundamental frequencies of a signal, and even though the frequencies detected are correct, I can't seem to unbundle the data and turn the frequencies into a single array with frequencies.

Has anyone done this before? I saw this post: How to unbundle the data in "Multiple Tone" ? but the method they used doesn't seem to be working on my data (it only outputs two frequencies and not all of them).
I'm putting here my .vi for reference.

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Right-click the subVI and "select type..1 chan".


(Please delete all your sequence structures, they have no useful function. If you are autoindexing, you don't need to wire N. Please also don't maximize diagram and front panel to the screen, very annoying!)

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Thank you, I did what you said and then used a for cycle (for auto-indexing) and unbundle by name to get the frequency array and it did the trick. Leaving it here for future reference:



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