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Extract Data between cursors

Hello, here I have an XY graph that displays X values and 3 different Y values for each X. I am able to graph the matrix just fine, but now I am needing to insert two different cursors, and want the program to be able to take the information in between those two cursors and write it to a different file. 

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You can use "cursor -> Position -> X" property


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What would the flat sequence consist of? I'm not entirely sure what to do from that point on. 

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You need to find in the data array the elements (indexes) that lie between these X.
I do not have your data, so I can not say more precisely. The Threshold 1D Array function may be suitable.

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@Artem.SPb wrote:

You can use "cursor -> Position -> X" property


Note that you could use the Swap Values function instead of the case structure,

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Okay, I have this much. Now how am I supposed to connect to the Array Subset Function. I have attached my VI and data that I'm pulling in case it can help in you assisting. The general idea for this VI is that I am supposed to graph all these points, and have these cursors for when the user wants to save the data in between the cursors, he will be able to by hitting the save button. 

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It seems that you are not trying to do something




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