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External and RTSI triggering for synchronization

Dear All,


In Labview>> Help>> Find Examples...>> HL Grab with two as according to my understanding it helps having the two boards in sync. I am using two NI 1433 frame grabbers and they are connected using a RTSI cable.


In the program it configures the trigger using an external trigger on line 0 and further uses a shared RTSI trigger to run the two boards.


Frankly I have very little knowledge about external and RTSI triggering. I have tried reading some discussions or the knowledge base but I feel I still lack the required understanding of how to use triggering in my system and its prerequisites like the camera setup in NI Max or the application provided by the camera's vender.


It would be really helpful if someone could help me understand how to really go about using it.


Thanks in Advance.


 P.S. 1] Using 2 NI 1433 frame grabbers.

         2] Two line scan camera's by teledyne.

         3] Also have NI 6323 DAQ (if someone wants me try some external triggering).

         4] Would appreciate if we could first approach triggering with the HL Grab with two example.

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