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Export to excel from express VI table is not working

Ok, so now we're getting somewhere (kind of).

You can right click on an error indicator with an error and choose to "Explain Error" - this will give some information about the error. In your case, error 43 is "Operation cancelled by the user".


If the path that you pass is empty, it will prompt you for a file name, and then produce this error if you cancel the dialog. Is that what's happening? Or maybe the path isn't valid (but you get different errors for selecting a directory, or for choosing a location you don't have permissions for).

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Cbutcher , right now no errors in the error out. 

 Im running the vi from a new project , created a notepad.csv as well as excel.csv in desktop. Running the VI with filepatg directed to one of them , data not getting copied in either of them. And the error out has no error. 


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When I simply run the vi , the values r geting copied to csv it is: Without identifying the Crio device. Buh when I open the VI from crio , no data is getting copied.  Could you please check the image n tell me from where should I open the vi and save the values

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Since I'm using compactrio 904x I won't be able to save it on my PC or desktop. Where do I save it ? Any idea ?

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How could I get the graph of One of the channel , as of now I'm getting the graph of the combined channel , with a single plot . 

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Since the C Rio itself acts as another PC , I'm not able to save the array data in the desktop as csv.

How do I tackle this ? There should be a path within the Compact Rio .

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So to confirm, your VI is now working on your desktop and you have a problem when moving to cRIO?


The cRIO also has a hard drive - you can save data directly there. Some of the nodes and VIs available on the File I/O palette, especially under the constants, will help you construct a suitable path.


To read the file on your pc, you'll need to copy it afterwards. I believe MAX has a tool to open the harddrive of a cRIO. I haven't tried using it myself, preferring instead to use a variation on the Network Streams library to send data to my pc and recording it to disk there.

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Hello Zaqf,


The cRIO, as you mention is a distributed system with its own OS and file system. I recommend you check out the following documents to get a better understanding of the CompactRIO's file system.



The cRIO-904X series uses NI Linux Real-Time, so I would start in that place when surfing through said documents.


All the best,

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Cbutcher ,

could you help me find the graph of a single channel , as I'm getting the one graph with readings of both the channels combined. 

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Thank you. I've got two channel inputs to a single daq mx function , how can I get the graph of one of the channnel instead of a combined graph ? 

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