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Export to excel from express VI table is not working

Why not?  I was able to.

What is different between your code and mine?

Show your code.


Did you try downloading the image and dragging the PNG file into your block diagram?

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Could you tell me as which file u save it ? Coz I wasn't able to save any data that I got.  

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What is "coz"?   What is "u"?

I don't know what you mean by "which file I save it".


Your array indicator should be 2-D.

You forgot to wire a constant going into the left hand shift register.


And I made a mistake on my program.  The right hand shift register should have come from the 2nd build Array, not straight across.


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I've got some legit data.  But still the main issue stays , I'm not getting them saved to my file directed. Here is the vi. 

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You must be getting something saved into the file.

Did you use the debug tools available such to you as probes to understand why yours isn't working?


Mine did get stuff saved to the file, but I found out I needed it was missing the "i" time because I pulled the data from the wrong wire.

Also, you had an extra True constant in there that transposed the array.   When I removed that, the CSV file looked correct when opened in Excel.

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Thank you so much. 

Right now I'm not in the workplace , buh tomorrow I should get the data copied. So could you tell some of the reasons for the copying not to happen so that I can check all of it . 

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Issue prevails , the data is not appearing on my excel.csv or notepad.csv. cannot figure out the issue. 

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I'm looking at your "daqmx latest", and although you won't get any "time" data because the wire going to the Write Delimited... VI is before you append the "i" value, I don't see another problem.


Try connecting an Error Indicator to the output of the Write Delim VI and see if it give you any clues. Is the file created successfully?

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Error indicator has a green tick , the code is 0 and there is nothing in the source column. 


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Now I've got an error in the indicator , code 43 , saying " open/create/replace file in write spreadsheet>write delimited spreadsheet(DBL).vi->Daqmx latest model

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